10 of the best UK travel blogs out there

10 of the best UK travel blogs out there

From budget trips in tropical locations to city breaks and adventure holidays. We enjoy a good travel story and we’re always on the lookout for travel tips and new hot destinations. So it goes without saying that we are addicted to travel blogs. There’s no better way to survive the British winter than dreaming about being far, far away and plan your next holiday.

Here’s 10 of our favourite UK travel blogs.

Two Monkeys Travel

10 of the best UK travel blogs out there

Kach and Jonathan are a Filipino-Brit couple who embarked on a worldwide journey in 2013. Since then, they filled their days with a mix of backpacking trips and luxury hotel stays between Asia, Europe, USA, Canada and South America.

You’ll find lots of DIY travel tips and inspiration on their blog. If you fancy starting your own blog, you’ll also enjoy reading their travel blogging advice.



10 of the best UK travel blogs out there

Jenny’s a writer and the co-founder of BritMums, the UK’s largest parenting network. She blogs about family travel around the world. She’s been to Texas, Nepal, New York, Cyprus and many more stunning and interesting places.

Her website is also packed with family travel advice, such as how to plan a pleasant car journey with kids. We also enjoy her section on the UK, where she reports on her travels around the best bits of our beautiful country.


Wanderlust Chloe

10 of the best UK travel blogs out there
In 2014 Chloe left her stressful media job to travel. Since then, she’s never looked back. She got the travel bug and couldn’t shake it off. She’s spent the last couple of years travelling far and close to home.

Her blog doesn’t only talk about travel destinations; it also covers food. We love drooling over her food tour and restaurant reviews.


The Family Adventure Project
10 of the best UK travel blogs out there

Stuart and Kirstie decided they’d had enough of the TV, internet and fast food and chose to live a more adventurous life with their children. This family has been sailing, canoeing, camper-vanning, eco-touring (and more!) around the world.

Their blog is a collection of memories of their amazing adventures, trip ideas and tips on independent family travel. They’ve been all over the world, so reading their stories is a sure way to get some wanderlust.


Alistair Humphreys

10 of the best UK travel blogs out thereAlistair is an explorer and adventurer. He’s cycled around the world, walked around India and rowed the Atlantic. He’s also been nominated National Geographic Adventurer of the Year in 2013 for inspiring people to go on microadventures. He’s an all-round impressive guy.

His blog is full of motivational posts that will help you find the inspiration and courage you need to get out there and explore the world. You’ll also find out more about his travels and microadventure tips.


A Luxury Travel Blog

10 of the best UK travel blogs out thereDr Paul Johnson is a luxury travel expert with more than 25 years’ experience in the sector. He started his blog from Cumbria in 2006 and now has a team of 400 writers and guest bloggers.

A Luxury Travel Blog will make you daydream of exotic destinations, cultural trips and the finest hotels.


Along Dusty Roads

10 of the best UK travel blogs out there
Andrew and Emily left foggy East London and committed to slow (budget) travel. Their journey started in the dusty roads of Mexico, but took them all the way to Indonesia. They spent two years in South America on a budget of £15 per day.

Along Dusty Roads is filled with great photography, reviews and practical tips on how to save money for long-term travel. We love their approach to travel and “on the road” style guides.


The Travel Hack

10 of the best UK travel blogs out there
The Travel Hack is all about stylish adventure travel and affordable luxury. The team of girls behind the website are bloggers passionate about travel and fashion.

If you like luxurious holidays and weekends away, but you don’t think you can afford to go, this is the blog for you – you’ll discover how to travel luxuriously on a budget.


Dan Flying Solo

10 of the best UK travel blogs out thereDan is a digital nomad funding his travels by working as web-designer all around the world. He is also a passionate photographer, which really stands out on his blog.

This year, Dan’s saying “yes” to anything. He’s letting his readers decide where he’ll go next. We’re looking forward to see where this user-generated journey will take him.


Pommie travels

10 of the best UK travel blogs out there
Victoria graduated in Broadcast Journalism in 2008 but didn’t want to look for a job, buy a house and retire at 70. After an eye-opening two-month trip to Australia, she moved to Bali and started a blog. Since then, she travelled to more than 48 countries.

Pommie Travels offers inspiration and tips on budget solo travel, as well as inspirational blogger interviews.

Do you read any travel blogs? Share your favourite ones with us below!