Three of the best Cornish camping holidays

Three of the best Cornish camping holidays

Nestled down in the southwest corner of the UK, Cornwall enjoys some of the best weather of the country.

Warmed by the Gulf Stream and the southwesterly winds, this is understandably one of the top tourist destinations for staycations, as well as tourists from abroad.

One of the great memories of many a Brit’s childhood is playing on the beaches, walking along the dramatic coastline, and exploring the rock pools of this wonderful county.

Here we show you some of the best spots for memorable holidays, to be enjoyed the way a Cornish holiday should be enjoyed – camping.  

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The North Inn, Pendeen

The area: Out on the Penwith peninsula, Pendeen is right down on the tip of the county, just a stone’s throw from Land’s End. Being a peninsula, it’s surrounded by the sea, so there is a huge stretch of coastline in easy reach.
Whether you prefer the sandy beaches or the dramatic rocky coastline, this area is what Cornwall is all about.

The campsite: The campsite is nestled behind a charming little country pub. It’s not very well advertised and not that well-known, except by rock climbers and long distance cyclists, but the tucked-away, private feeling of the site adds to its charm. And the pub at the end of the site is great!

Facilities: A great pub right by your tent, a chip shop in strolling distance and a village shop selling most supplies. Penzance is 15 minutes by car, if you need a supermarket.

Activities: There are numerous beaches to relax on, or for the more cultural types, why not take in a sunset play at the Minack Theatre, which is perched on the rocks above the sea.
The beautiful harbour of St. Ives is just up the coast, and a great spot to sit and enjoy an ice cream.

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Pennance Hill Farm, Falmouth

The area: The Lizard peninsula, stretching south from Falmouth, is renowned for its beautiful countryside and coastline. Being ten minutes from the A39, this area is also very accessible from the rest of the country, making it perfect for a long weekend break.
Falmouth itself is one of the most important historical ports in the country and is home to the National Maritime Museum, which is full of interesting artefacts from years of nautical history.
There is also miles of coastline to explore, with beaches, coastal paths and cute little villages nestled in amongst the creeks.

The campsite: This lovely, welcoming campsite is tucked up in the countryside between The Lizard and Falmouth, providing great access to both. There is also a path leading down to Meanporth beach – a great spot to relax and enjoy an ice cream.

Facilities: There’s a Co-op shop just down the road, and Falmouth is only a few minutes by car – great for shopping and eating out.

Activities: There’s some stunning beaches to explore, including the nearby Meanporth Beach, or try your hand at sailing out on the sheltered waters of Carrick Roads. And if the weather turns bad, there’s always the National Maritime Museum in the historical port of Falmouth.


 Three of the best Cornish camping holidays
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Scilly Isles

The area: If you’ve never been to the Scillies, then you’d be forgiven for thinking that we’d snuck in a picture of a tropical island. But, sticking out into the Gulf Stream, this stunning archipelago enjoys sub-tropical conditions in the summer. So the palm trees, turquoise seas and white sand beaches really give the illusion of somewhere much nearer the equator.
Each of the big islands has its own campsite, with its own character. We’d recommend St. Martin’s, for that true ‘away from it all’ feeling.
As you’ll need to jump on a ferry or helicopter to the islands, it’s best to leave the car in Penzance and enjoy not needing a designated driver for a week.

The campsite: Overlooking the stunning white sand beach on the south of the island, this friendly, family-run campsite is perfectly located for spending time at the coast.
Whether you prefer to swim in the sea, go explore on a kayak or relax on the sand, you’ll find your dream beach just a minute’s walk from your tent.

Facilities: St. Martin’s has all you need – a chippy, a pub and a shop. Perfect for concentrating on what’s important, relaxing and enjoying being in one of the most beautiful places in the UK.

Activities: If you’re feeling cold-brave, then The Scillies offer some of the best snorkelling in the UK. Or head out on one of the local boats to spot basking sharks, dolphins and seals – all familiar sights around the Scilly Isles.
The fishing is great too, with mackerel and pollack easy to catch from the shore or a local boat. They’re both delicious barbecued on the beach and served with a cold beer.