How to always find the cheapest car

Tips to save on car rental

If you are looking for a cheap car rental, do not miss our useful tips to find the car you want at the best prices.


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1. The dates of the rental

First of all, to carry out a search, the rental dates must be clearly understood. The prices of the cars are strictly linked to the days and times in which you intend to rent the car and, moreover, are subject to frequent fluctuations that take into account the rental period, the times and the availability of cars at the time of the search. Impossible to guess...

While this may be a limitation, it also represents an opportunity for savings: by varying the dates and times of the rental it will be possible to find better prices and hidden offers.

2. Rental times

Another key point to keep in mind is that agencies are commercial businesses and, as such, are subject to closing days.

In fact, almost all city agencies are generally closed on Saturday afternoons and the entire Sunday. The exceptions can be counted on the fingers of one hand.
As for timetables, it will be necessary to rely on the punctuality of our search engine: it only shows the cars of the agencies that are opened at the specified times.

Usually the agencies in the city open around 8.30 / 9.00 and close around 19.30. It is important to keep this in mind when you decide to rent a car in the city and, above all, when you intend to arrive and leave by train.

This does not apply to airport agencies, where it is always possible to collect and return cars, 7 days a week and, often, until after midnight.

3. The rental at the airport

First of all, there are many agencies at airports and they have to be able to manage large volumes of customers: this translates into a generally very large fleet of cars from which to choose, as well a greater competition between agencies, with a consequent reduction in prices.


Finally, when you are looking for a 7 or 9-seater van, the airport is often the only solution. With a few rare exceptions, it is in fact difficult to find these cars within city agencies. In any case, there is no harm in trying, although it is always a good idea to carry out further research at the airport. It could save you a lot on the rental cost!