Seeing the Norwegian Fjords by car

Carved by glaciers millions of years ago, the landscape of the Norwegian fjords provides a spectacular backdrop for one of Europe’s top road trips. But this is a road trip with a difference. You’ll frequently get to park the car and relax as you’re carried across one of the spectacular coastal lakes onboard a picturesque ferry ride. This is the best way to see the fjord country, and here we’ll show you our favourite route - a three-day tour of the Sognefjord.

Ulriken_viewPhoto credit: Wikimedia Commons

Starting and ending in Bergen, this trip is only a short flight from most European cities, and you can hire a car at the airport. The route takes you through the middle of the country, over towards the Swedish border. But the highlight is the Sognefjord, the largest and most spectacular fjord in Norway.

Seeing the Norwegian Fjords by carPhoto credit: Megapixel

The port city of Bergen is stunning, and it’s a great idea to spend a day or two here, taking in the sights and sounds.

From Bergen head out east on the E16, past the spectacular Tvindefossen waterfalls - a worthwhile diversion near the village of Voss.

From here the spectacular road twists and turns its way down towards Gudvangen, where you’ll catch the ferry over the Signefjord to Kaupanger. The views from this ferry ride are incredible, so be sure to have your camera at the ready.

Seeing the Norwegian Fjords by carPhoto credit: Wikimedia Commons

Sogndal, a short drive up the road from where the ferry drops you, is a great place to spend the night, overlooking a picturesque little bay.   The next morning is a spectacular drive up Rv55, passing mountain lakes and pristine forest, to Gaupne, where you turn left and head up the Fv334 into the mountains, and up to the Nigardsbreen glacier. Experience a boat ride across the lake for a closer view - this place feels like it could be straight out of Jurassic Park.  

Seeing the Norwegian Fjords by carPhoto credit: Wikimedia Commons

Jump in the car back down to Sogndal, and follow the Rv55 as it hugs the northern shore of the fjord, to the end of the road where you get another stunning ferry ride across to Vangsness. There’s a couple of places to stay in Vangsnes, or more options around the corner in Vikoyri. From Vikoyri, forlow the Rv13 as it winds its way through spectacular valleys to Vossevangen, where the lakeside E16 route leads back to Bergen with some breathtaking panoramas en route.