Tips for picking up the car

Tips to avoid problems when collecting the car

By booking with you are doing the right choice, here are some tips to keep in mind when collecting your car hire.

How to find the agency you have booked with

The booking voucher provided after confirming the car contains details on how to reach the rental agency. If it's a rental in the city, it is quite simple: the address, the telephone number of the agency and some general indications are provided.

The same applies to agencies near railway stations: in the voucher you will find the address and directions to reach them on foot from the station.

The discussion regarding airport agencies is different:

- agencies inside the terminal, or immediately after baggage claim: they are often all gathered in a specific rental area, clearly indicated by the airport signs.

- welcome service: a representative of the rental agency will meet you at the exit of the terminal to accompany you to the place to pick up the car.

- connection by shuttle bus: the agency provides a free shuttle to the car collection point, often adjacent to the airport parking area. The stop of this shuttle is almost always located outside the arrivals terminal and, in the booking voucher, you can find more information on times and meeting place.

At the rental desk

There are four things not to forget when you are at the desk claiming your car:

- Credit card in the name of the main driver: it is important to understand that the credit card holder and the driver must be the same. Otherwise, the agency may refuse to provide you with the car.

- Valid driving license: No photocopies, damaged or expired documents, or documents with less than 12 months of validity.

- Other document: another document is requested as recognition, which can be a passport or identity card.

- Additional insurance: rental companies may insist on selling you their additional insurance policy; if you have already purchased the premium cover on our website, you can safely refuse. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

- Voucher: remember to bring the booking voucher with you.

Collecting the car

Our advice is to take your time to carefully check the car before leave the agency: if you notice any dents or scratches, immediately notify it to the rental agent. It is also advisable to take pictures of any damage so that you have proof if any problems arise.


If you have booked extras such as a child seat or GPS, the agency will offer you its help to position them correctly inside the car.

Get comfortable

Before setting off, it is important to take some time to test the car. In fact, the model may be new and have functions unknown to you that are best learned in advance. Don't forget to fix the rear view mirrors and seat.

You are ready to go, wishes you a good trip!