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Car rental with EXPRESS

Express Rent a Car is one of the car hire companies that can be chosen thanks to, the search engine that allows you to find the perfect vehicle based on price, type and location. With you can compare the quotes of numerous international companies, including Express Rent a Car.

This company is the main car rental company in Poland. With its services, it is aimed at both business and customer users. The fleet of this car rental company, available through, includes more than 10,000 vehicles.

Generally speaking, we are talking about cars that have a maximum of three years. Customers can choose between medium and short rentals. Among the places where it is possible to collect the car we can mention the cities of Gdansk, Kielce, Legnica, Nowy Targ, Poznan.

Fleet of Express Rent a Car

The Express Rent a Car fleet includes several cars. In this category it is possible to include vehicles of class A +, such as the Ford KA. Thanks to this company, which can be chosen thanks to, you can also rent class B cars, such as the Suzuki Swift.

Express Rent a Car has a very broad offer, which also includes C-class cars, for example the Opel Astra V.

To conclude, we would like to remind you of the possibility of renting class C + cars such as the Renault Fluence Diesel and class D and D + vehicles.

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