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Car rental with LOCAUTO

Locauto is one of the companies that can be chosen by those who decide to contact GoCarHire.co.uk. This company allows you to select vehicles for different purposes. Those who want to rent a vehicle with Locauto can in fact choose between business, executive, corporation and family solutions. In the latter case it is possible to take advantage of an interesting saving opportunity due to the fact that the fleet is made up of used vehicles.

Locauto allows you to choose between three different contractual forms. Those who decide to turn to this car rental company can in fact opt for the standard contract, a classic perfect solution for those who want a long-term rental, the free contract, which provides for a basic rental fee and the payment of other charges at the time of final balance, and the open contract. In the latter case, it is possible to choose the amount of the rent to be paid at the time of signing the contract, according to the duration of the rental.

About Locauto

Locauto is a completely Italian company. The group behind the car rental company has been operating since 1979. An interesting anecdote is told about its birth, which concerns an evening in a pizzeria with friends. Locauto was initially a group engaged in the leasing of cars. After a few years from the foundation, however, things have changed. The focus has in fact shifted to long-term car rental.

The years pass and Locauto consolidates its position as an important group in the car rental sector. The success in the field in fact leads to the opening of offices at the main Italian airports and in the spaces of prominent railway yards such as Roma Termini station, the busiest in Italy. Today the Locauto group stands out on the market for being the only Italian company active both in the field of long-term rental and in the short-term rental of vehicles for various needs.

Global ratings for LOCAUTO

LOCAUTO is present in 78 destinations. Based on the local reviews their customer average rating score is 8.6/10.

Customer Customer Rating



Average Wait Minutes Average waiting time is 23 mins

8.2 /10 Overall value for money
8.7 /10 Cleanliness of the car
8.6 /10 Service at the rental desk
8.6 /10 Car hire pick-up process
8.7 /10 Car hire drop-off process