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Car rental with INTERRENT

Interrent is one of the car rental companies that can be chosen by taking advantage of the services. Interrent is a company that has a very important name behind it. It is in fact the international brand of Europcar. Present in several countries, among which it is possible to include United Kingdom, Italy, Germany, France and Portugal, Interrent is a car rental company whose main strength is the low price and the ability to easily customize your reservation.

Security deposit with Interrent

Customers who decide to hire a car with the Interrent company must take into account the presence of a security deposit, which is stopped at the time of booking. The deposit amount can be verified inside the rental conditions of each vehicle, and it can varies depending on the category. Generally, smaller cars has smaller deposits.

The aforementioned amount is not charged (just locked), unless additional costs are required due to, for example, damage to the vehicle.