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Tips for driving your rental car in French Polynesia

If you're travelling to French Polynesia, a rental car is the best way to reach all the spots this country has to offer. French Polynesia is a very interesting country to explore and its capital city Papeete counts 26,200 inhabitants. In Papeete lives 9,4% of the entire country's population, which counts over 277,293 inhabitants. In French Polynesia the language spoken most widespread is french but people also speak other minor languages. The time zone in French Polynesia is GMT-10:00 / -09:00 so make sure you adjust your watch at landing. We suggest adjusting your watch before take-off to help conquer jetlag! The electric plug type in French Polynesia is A / B / E and the electric voltage is 127/220V, so it could be a good idea to bring an adaptor with you to protect your devices' lifetime. The calling code in French Polynesia is +689, make sure you note this down as it can come useful at times.

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With a fuel cost in French Polynesia averaging at 1,26 GBP, driving around the country won't break the bank. French Polynesia shares its land borders with , which mean there are plenty of road trip options for travellers wishing to explore a little further. Before crossing any border, please make sure that this is in line with the terms and conditions of your car hire as these might vary according to the supplier you rent your car from. The roads stretch for 1,609, which ranks French Polynesia as the 172nd country in the world with the longest road system. This amount of road will let you drive across the country and discover its wonders, secret spots and the delicious local tastes. Please note that in French Polynesia there is a right-hand traffic law - it's important to know that the currency is the Cfp Franc (XPF). Speed limits in town are 40 km/h and on motorways they are 90 km/h. Bear in mind that in French Polynesia, speaking on the phone while driving is allowed therefore we recommend caution at any time.

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